National Restaurant Association Partners with DOD to Provide Jobs

National Restaurant Association Partners with DOD to Provide Jobs

This past Friday The National Restaurant Association announced its’ official partnership with the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership. The NRAEF officially joined October 16th of this year with the plan to reduce unemployment rates for military spouses. The partnership connects military spouses with more than 390 partner employers who are actively recruiting, hiring and promoting military spouses in portable careers.

Rob Gifford, the executive vice president of the NRAEF said, “We are thrilled to support those who currently serve, those who are veterans and, no through this partnership, military spouses. This is another win to support military members and their families in the transitioning into our industry and providing them with pathways to advance into long-term careers. 

Last week we shared with you the saved by the bell themed pop up restaurant, Saved By The Max, coming to West Hollywood starting May first. Over the weekend, it was announced that you can order tickets to the pop up starting this week on Friday November 2nd.   

To book your Saved by the Max tickets simply go to

If you didn’t think pop ups could be weirder. Let’s leave it to the fine folks of Japan who have opened a two-week pop-up restaurant based solely on inmates last meal requests. A Tokyo based art collective Chim arrow up Pom has a whole menu based on last meals of death row inmates. The Ningen Restaurant was located in Tokyo’s red-light district with Its last meal served last night on October 28th. 

You may have never heard of Dorcas Reilly before, but you sure have eaten one of her most loved, or hated, dishes. Miss Reilly was the creator of the green bean casserole. She and her coworkers were tasked with creating recipes in the Campbell’s soup test kitchen. In 1955 Miss Reilly came up with what was originally called the “green bean bake”. The original recipe called for Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup, soy sauce, black pepper, fresh green beans, and French’s fried onion strings. Her recipe was created in Campbell’s test kitchens in 1955. Miss Reilly passed away last week at the age of 92.   

Dorcas Reilly created hundreds of recipes for the soup company and her original recipe is still printed on cans of cream of mushroom soup. The Campbell’s company predicts that about forty percent of today’s cream of mushroom soup sales are purchased specifically to make green bean casserole.  

This week on the podcast front. Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio has the most listened to episode. You may remember Christopher Kimball as the bow tie wearing host of PBS’s America’s Test Kitchen. He has transitioned into his own thing, bringing you a multi-media experience with Milk Street. In the latest episode of Milk Street Radio, they speak with Chez Panisse founder and Chef Alice Waters.  

Also, in podcasting, I am sending you to Cat and Clouds podcast where you can learn all things coffee. From sourcing to running a coffee business. Hosts, and master baristas, Chris Baca and Jared Truby discuss all things specialty coffee. I had a chance to spend some time with Chris at last year's Coffee Thinkers event and he is just a tremendous guy.  You can find them at 

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